I'm not really sure just what you would call this site.


It's a collection of stories, thoughts, and opinions on topics which are of interest to me. Maybe they will be for you too!  

Yes, I've heard of social networking. That stuff is okay, but I want this to be more than sharing day to day things with family and friends. Hey, if we all play the "show and tell" thing everyday, what would we talk about at birthdays or holiday parties? Besides, I get tired of being asked about adding somebody to my contacts just because they have a couple of mutual friends! 

I want "Learning Day By Day" to be more wide open than social networking websites. 

The stories, opinions, and information here should provide a chuckle, stimulate our thinking, and allow us to form or change our opinions about daily topics of general interest.

This is an interactive website as well. If you want, you can send comments, share something that's important to you, or simply tell me "I'm nuts" about anything you see here. However, make all remarks in a civil and descent manner. I can't tell you how much I detest profanity, obscenity, and any other irresponsible junk!

So with that said, come on in, look around and enjoy! Tell a friend about us, as I don't advertise except by word of mouth on...wait for it...social networking sites. Guess they have some greater purpose afterall!   



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